About Jeff

My name is Jeff Ramnani. My last name is pronounced “rahm-nah’-nee”.

Here are a few ways to contact me:

I’m a former comedian, recovering sysadmin, curious developer, and voracious reader. I live in Chicago, IL.

Me at the John Lennon wall in Prague, Czech Republic


This web site is generated using the static web site generator, Hugo, and is hosted by Webfaction. Individual essays are written in Emacs using Markdown.

The site’s design and layout are inspired by Matt Gemmell’s essay, Designing Blogs for Readers. I enjoy reading Matt’s writing, and I bet you would, too.

The CSS framework, Skeleton, helps keep the site looking good on big and small screens.

I do my level best to conform to web standards. The site should conform to HTML 5, CSS 3, and the feed should be valid RSS 2.0.

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